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Your St. Patrick’s Day Shopping Guide

Your St. Patrick’s Day Shopping Guide

St. Patrick’s Day is just a month away! Time flies… and the last thing you want to do is end up with nothing green to wear.  People will pinch you and there’s nothing you can do about it, because those are the rules.  (And I, unfortunately, do not make the rules (yet)… so don’t come crying to me if you fail to heed my warnings!)

Okay. now that we have established the rules of St. Patrick’s Day, also known as “the wearing of the green”, shamrock day, and “the day everyone goes nuts eating and drinking green stuff (I mean, really, green bagels?) they would find repulsive any other day of the year” (I made that last one up), let’s see what we can do to prepare you for the upcoming holiday.

Here at ChalkTalkSPORTS, we have channeled our inner leprechauns to come up with new, stylish, and fun sports-themed clothing and accessories for St. Patrick’s Day 2016 – no matter what sport you play!  It’s pretty much the only thing we have been doing for the past few weeks,  because it turns out those inner leprechauns are pretty loud and creative.  And now you can finally reap the rewards and pick up some sweet new St. Patrick’s Day clothing – including our famous Lucky Leprechaun hockey and lacrosse t-shirts, oversized performance t-shirts for every sport,  long-sleeved and short-sleeved t-shirts, socks, arm sleeves, pillows, belts, and even some special sport-specific surprises like a lacrosse pinnie or a lucky hockey puck!

Here are some of my personal favorites: Meet our new pals, the  Lax Leprechaun and the Hockey Leprechaun. They look like they  may be up to no good, but they’re really faithful friends to players, always there to remind them that winning is even better than a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. These 100% cotton shirts are awesome not only on St. Patrick’s Day, but any time of the year.

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I can’t say enough nice things about our super comfortable statement  jersey t-shirts. They look absolutely awesome with anything you wear them with, but I particularly love the over-sized fit with leggings or tight jeans. It’s a comfortable and casual shirt that really ties an outfit together (and so much better than going to the store in your pajamas.  That’s so 2013….)   They’re designed to be really loose-fitting so keep that in mind when ordering!

02192016 statement jersey 02192016 tennis active








The ceramic mugs are a super fun way to start your day with a little extra luck and we have them for every sport.  The lucky combination of the leprechaun beard and the shamrock should give you the extra boost you need to be an unstoppable force no matter what sport you play! These mugs are microwave-safe and the lucky beard illusion mugs are a whimsical and cute choice!

BEARD-MUG02192016 mugs









Never mind the adorable “Kiss Me, I…” mugs, shirts, and belts. What better way to get some kisses for good luck, whether it’s game day, practice day, or rest day? Don’t get caught unprepared and check out our new St. Patrick’s Day gear and accessories today!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day from ChalkTalkSPORTS!

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