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DIY Lacrosse Ball Vampire Bats For Halloween

DIY Lacrosse Ball Vampire Bats For Halloween

The days are growing shorter, the weather is getting cooler, the leaves are falling off the trees, and everything is pumpkin-flavored… you know what that means. Halloween is on the way! If you’re anything like me, you start smiling any time you see Halloween items… and horror movies… and all the other great things that come with the holiday where you get yo wear whatever you want and be whoever you want for a day.  But here’s  question for you: have you ever thought our lacrosse ball could be something else, too? Perhaps an adorable vampire bat you can hang up to decorate for the holidays? Well, I did and I’m going to show you how to make your own DIY lacrosse ball vampire bat for Halloween.

Step 1: Grab your supplies.
You will need the following:
01. A lacrosse ball (or balls if you plan on making more than one.)
02. The downloadable bat wings for lacrosse balls. (You can download them here.)
03. Permanent markers (or paint) to draw the faces.
04. Scissors to cut out the wings. (Optional: color in the wings before you cut them out for even more fun.)
05. Glue to attach the wings to your ball.
06. Hooks or screws and the string of your choice to hang the ball.

Art Supplies for Lax Bats

Art makes everyone happy. A rule I live by: make good art.

Step 2: If you are inclined, color in the white parts of your bat wings. I did mine yellow to match the ball, but you can choose team colors, a favorite color, or anything you like. It’s your vampire bat!


This is one of the best coloring action shots I have ever seen.

Step 3: Cut out the wings. Be careful – there are some small parts on them. (Hey, it’s a free download, if you slip up, you can always do it again.)

Cutting out lacrosse bat wings
Those wing tips are tough, but you can do it!

Step 4: Glue the wings to your ball. You can use any glue you want, but I promise, even my washable glue stick holds well! I’ve had my ball hanging for over a week now, and the wings are in the exact same place I put them when I made it. Whatever works for you. Make sure you fold the tab and put the glue on the black side.


Just like that… your bat wings are attached!

Step 5: Insert the hook in the top of the ball. You may have to use a lot of pressure, but if I could do it with my tiny paws that work like hands, anyone can! This is also a good time to point out you could print two sets of wings and glue them together for double-sided wings, or add names, team names, or numbers for cute little gifts for your teammates.


…almost there!

Step 6: Draw or paint the face on the ball.  Be as creative as you like and make the perfect little bat for yourself who will look great wherever you hang her. Then add your string and hang the ball!  I used fishing line because it’s invisible and it looks like my ball is actually flying.  I think she’s in love… look at those eyes. Awwwwww.


…and if you hang them outdoors, the wings flap in the wind. How cute is that?

I hope you had as much fun as I did making your DIY lacrosse balls. I’d love to see what you came up with! Send an email to blog@chalktalksports.com and not only will you make my day, you’ll also potentially be featured in a follow-up blog. Happy Halloween!

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