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DIY Lacrosse Easter Eggs

DIY Lacrosse Easter Eggs

With Easter just a few weeks away, it’s a great time to start thinking about decorating eggs, whether it’s for your Easter egg hunt, hiding around the house, or just for a nice bowl of eggs on to decorate the table.

You will need the following items:

01. As many eggs as you want to color
02. A screw (if you are hollowing your eggs)
03. A bowl (for the insides of the eggs)
04. A bowl of warm, soapy water
05. Paint/Egg Dye/Etc.
06. Adhesive vinyl material or stickers
07. Scissors (or a Cricut Vinyl Cutting Machine)

Step 1:  To hollow your eggs, tap the top of the egg and slowly spin the nail as if it is a and drill until you make a small hole.  Repeat this on the bottom of the egg, making a slightly larger hole. IMG_9125

The holes will look like this:


Step 2:  After using the nail to somewhat break up the yolk (it’s easier done than explained!) blow in to the smaller hole you made to remove the inside of the egg, for hollow egg shells to paint and decorate.  (This takes approximately 2-3 minutes per egg.  Hey, have a scrambled egg party when you’re done.)


Step 3: Wash the egg shells carefully in warm and soapy water to get any egg off them, so you have a clean surface to paint or dye.  Be sure to dry the eggs after washing.

Note: the holes in the eggs should be very small.

(Alternately, if this sounds like too much work, or you prefer hard-boiled eggs to scrambled, you can hard boil your eggs. Just be sure to use dyes or colors that are safe to eat, such as food coloring, edible color mists – those even come in metallic colors!)

Step 4: Painting time! We used acrylic paint and brushes,  but you could use whatever you like.


Step 5: Cut our your decals – whatever you like! Copy the ones we made, use letters, use team numbers, whatever works for you! Because it is such detailed cutting, make sure an adult handles the scissors. Alternately, if you have a Cricut machine, you’ll be cutting out vinyl decals in minutes.  You can also use stickers.  Just make sure the paint or dye is dry before you try to adhere the vinyl or stickers to the eggs, or it won’t stick.

And just like that…. TA-DA!

Lacrosse Easter eggs!

Girls Lacrosse Easter Eggs

And while eggs are an important part of Easter, you can’t forget the Easter baskets! We went and took care of that for you (we would have done the eggs, too, but ugh… think of the nightmare that would be shipping eggs…. Egg farmers, we salute you.) The LuLaLax Girl’s Lacrosse Easter Basket has all new for 2016 products that any Lax girl will love, including stickers, a Lexi Bag, a HDPE water bottle, a lacrosse t-shirt, oh and one “mystery egg” – plastic, of course – that contains a gift card that could be worth anywhere from $5 to $50.)  You could add candy, but we really stuffed this basket with things that we think any lax girl will love!

Lacrosse Easter Basket

Click here to buy your Girl’s Lacrosse Easter Basket.

And don’t forget your bunny shirts!  Click here to purchase a long-sleeved or short-sleeved lacrosse bunny t-shirt of your choice!

lx-07884-LIGHTPINK lx-07887-SPORTGRAY lx-07888-LIGHTBLUE lx-07889-WHITE

Click here to purchase a long-sleeved or short-sleeved lacrosse bunny t-shirt of your choice! Both styles (the Hopster Bunny and Every Bunny Loves Lacrosse) are available in multiple colors as well!

Have a Happy Easter from everyone at LuLaLax!

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