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DIY Lacrosse Girl Pumpkin

DIY Lacrosse Girl Pumpkin

Happy Halloween, probably the one day of the year we can have as much fun as we want (and eat candy until our stomachs hurt) – and get crafty to make great things that our friends and teammates will love.  We have a special DIY project in store for you today: using three small pumpkins, we’ve made a girls lacrosse player pumpkin that is anything but small – and makes a big impact!

What you’ll need:

01. Three Small Pumpkins
02. Pumpkin Knife
04. Acrylic Paint Set
05. Chopsticks, sturdy straws, or something similar
06. Latex Paint
07. Paint Brushes
08. 1 Bowl
09. Drill
10. Hot glue or super glue
DIY lacrosse pumkin supplies
Just a few things… but it’s worth it.
And here’s how to do it.
Step 1: Cut the top pumpkin and clean out, and remove the stems from the bottom two pumpkin so they can be stacked.
cutting a pumpkin
DIY Stacked Lacrosse Pumpkins

Step 2: Pour the latex paint into a bowl and dip the bottom pumpkin in the latex paint and careful place on chopsticks over the bowl to dry.

DIY Lacrosse Painting Bottom Pumpkin
Step 3: Drill a hole in the second pumpkin and push the lacrosse stick pen through. *Note: be extremely careful using the drill; if you don’t feel comfortable using it on your own ask for help!
Lacrosse DIY Pumpkin DrillingLacrosse DIY Pumpkin Stick
 Step 4: Draw, then paint,  the face mask on the top pumpkin to make sure you like the lines before you commit to the latex paint.  One the paint is dry, use the drill to add eyes to the pumpkin that will really stand out, Also, paint the number(s) on the second pumpkin.
Lacrosse DIY Pumpkin drilling eyeslacrosse diy pumpkin painting number
Step 5: When all the paint is dry and you’re confident you won’t smudge your paint, stack your pumpkins, and use hot glue or super glue to keep them in place. Alternately, you could measure and insert a chopstick (being careful not to go through the bottom or the top of the pumpkins) to give your pumpkins some extra stability. That’s your call – whatever works best for you!
And… what you’ve been waiting for: the finished product! Not only is she adorable, we heard she scored two goals in the pumpkin Halloween game. How’s that for impressive?
Happy Halloween – and happy crafting! Be sure to send photos to blog@chalktalksports.com!  We want to see what kind of creative lax pumpkins you came up with and will show them off in a future blog!

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