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Essentials For Traveling Athletes

Essentials For Traveling Athletes

Whether by plane, train, or automobile, athletes have to travel for games. Make sure that you’re ready to hit the road! No matter the season, weather, or destination, you should be prepared for anything and everything. So get out your luggage, because it’s time to get packing. Here is a list of essentials that every traveling athlete needs!

The Essentials For Traveling Athletes

  • Extra Socks
  • Sun Screen
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Reading Material
  • A small but well stocked First Aid Kit
  • Travel Blanket: Travel Blankets are perfect for those long rides where you can’t help but fall asleep or r a cold ride on an air conditioned buss or airplane.  Relax and cuddle up in your seat comfortably with one on your long trip
  • Water Bottle: Travel 101 tip – always stay hydrated! Our engraved water bottles are a quick and easy way to drink enough water on the go. You can even personalize your bottle with your name to ensure your bottle doesn’t get accidentally picked up byt anyone else!
  • Bag Tags: If you are taking a bus, train, or airplane, you should make sure to label your luggage with a bag tag. This will help identify what is yours when you go back to claim. I could mean the difference between a temporarily lost bag and one that is gone for good!
  • Toiletry Bag: All experienced travelers use toiletry bags. After all, you don’t want your toothpaste exploding all over your game clothes! Having a small bag for hygienic products keeps your clothes separate and clean. Chalk Talk Sports has so many toiletry bags in  different sports, colors and designs, so you’ll definitely find one you will love.
  • Sweatshirt: Of course you need a sweatshirt while traveling! Pick out one of Chalk Talk’ fleece line sweatshirts with a hood. They are perfect to keep you dry in case of rain or just to keep you warm and cozy!
  • Sunglasses: No matter where you go or how you get there, you need sunglasses.  The sun is everywhere and can be bright and blinding, so do not forget these! Chalk Talk has sunglasses in neon colors with different sports, sport sticks and customizable options. They are perfect for any athlete!

It’s your job to pick out what book and snacks to bring, but Chalk Talk Sports can help you get some of the things you’ll need for the trip! Choose from a huge variety of sports and designs  for water bottles, bag tags, toiletry bags, sweatshirts, travel blankets, and sunglasses! Follow the list and you will be prepared for anything from game time to down time!group

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