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Free Printable Cheer Valentines

Free Printable Cheer Valentines

1-2-3-4 who’s your favorite this two-one-four? 5-6-7-8 who do you appreciate? Let the ones you love know it with these cute printable cheer Valentines!  All you’ll need is a printer stocked with paper, scissors, and some stickers or tape to seal the envelope. (For added sturdiness, you could print on cardstock, or glue the regular paper to thin cardboard or construction paper and cut after the glue is dry.) To send some love to your favorite people this Valentine’s Day, just follow the simple instructions below and  you’ll be on your way!

Step 1: Choose your Valentine, which you can download (for free!)  We have two for cheer – you can use the one you like best or mix and match. Decide how many you will need, and print them, along with the corresponding number of envelopes.

cheer_valentines_5 6 7 8cheer_valentines_Have a Cheerful Valentine's Day

Download your Valentines here:
5-6-7-8 Cheer Valentine’s Day Card
Have a Cheerful Valentine’s Day Card

Step 2: To make your envelopes:

(1) Flip paper over so the blank side is facing you
(2) Fold the right side over and crease at the # 1 fold line. Do the same for the left side and crease at the # 2 fold line.
(3)  Fold the top down at the # 3 fold line. Do the same for bottom and crease at the # 4 fold line.
(4) Open heart, and cut along the dotted line.

Step 3: Insert your Valentine into the envelope.

Step 4: Seal with a sticker of your choice or some tape, and you’re done!

Of course,  before sealing the envelope, you could include one of our online gift cards. Choose a  card in any value and e-mail it to yourself to print out and include in the envelope with the Valentine.  (You can also just e-mail the gift card to the recipient – it’s up to you!)  Make someone special’s  Valentine’s Day all the more brighter with some sweet swag of their choice from ChalkTalkSPORTS.com.


Our Cheer Gift Shop has tons of fun ideas for your favorite cheerleader, but we thought you might also be interested in some of these to sweeten the day a little more:

Cheer Phone Cases: Considering the price of phones these days, a case is all but essential.  Why not combine that practical phone protection with your love for cheerleading? This is truly the gift that keeps on giving in more ways than one!

Cheerleading Bag Tags:  At the end of practice or a game, the scramble to find your stuff can be more stressful than getting your routine right! Stop worrying about where your bag is and instantly find it in the locker room or on the bus with these easily identifiable cheer bag tags.  Order as many or as few as you need and never struggle to identify your bag again.

Cheerleading Headbands: Cheerleaders are always stressing about keeping their hair in place – well, fret no more with these headbands, which come in various colors and patterns (to match your practice and game day uniforms) and are made from no-slip materials that perform better than everyday headbands when put to the test by even the most enthusiastic cheerleaders.

Happy Valentine’s Day from ChalkTalkSPORTS.com!



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