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Girls Lacrosse Outfits for Spring

Girls Lacrosse Outfits for Spring

Now that spring lacrosse season is here, we’re sure you can’t wait to slip into your gear and get out on the field. But what about those times when you’re not playing and you want to show off how much you love lacrosse?  We have you covered!

The weather is so unpredictable in early spring and it can even be cool some days.  Why not cozy up in some of our all-new for 2016 sweatpants? With a loose and comfortable fit – and a waistband that rolls down for extra style and comfort, these are the ideal pants to wear when heading to a lax practice or game, or just for chilling with friends.  Check out the wide variety of new styles of lacrosse sweatpants here.

LLL SweatpantsOn those cooler spring days and nights, you’ll love our loose-fitting, long-sleeve, crew neck statement jersey t-shirts.  They’re oversized for a comfortable – and totally in style – fit and are the perfect thing to wear on game day, to practices, or any game.  You can even add a monogram for a personal touch (and so your teammates have to go and get their own!) Which, by the way, all of you can do right here.LLL Statement JerseyAnd when it is warm enough for a t-shirt, we have tons to choose from – long sleeved, short sleeved, and more color options than you can shake a (lacrosse) stick at. Show your love for lacrosse with stylish and comfortable cotton t-shirts that were designed by lacrosse fans and players, just for you!

LLL-T-Shirt 2 LLL T-Shirt

“I have way too many pinnies”… said no lax girl, ever.  And we hear you on that, which is why we have a wide array of both standard and full coverage pinnies, made from a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric for the ultimate in performance and comfort.  Oh, and they’re all reversible (with the printed design on one side and a solid color on the other), so it’s almost  like getting two pinnies for the price of one!  (Bonus: You can also personalize a lot of them, for a one of a kind pinnie just for you.) Purchase your pinnie(s) here!

LLL Pinnie 2 LLL - Pinnie 01

And when you want to show your lax pride off the field, we have a whole new line of lacrosse trucker hats.  Lightweight, with a custom printed design on the front and a mesh back, they’re great for tucking up your post-game or practice lax hair,  or as the perfect finishing touch on any outfit when you’re hanging with friends.  This is a brand-new for 2016 product, just making its debut on LuLaLax. Be the first person on your team to get one and be the envy of all your teammates!

LLL - Trucker Hat

Finally… we come to one of the most essential, yet overlooked, things that any lacrosse player will ever need.  Socks!

Our woven lacrosse socks are made from a polyester/nylon moisture-wicking fabric that dries faster than cotton socks, helping to keep your feet cool and comfortable! One of our most popular woven socks are the team number crew socks. They really stand out on the field!

LLL - Woven Lacrosse Socks

Printed socks are all the rage with lax girls because you can add personal touches like your name, number, or team name.  These soft and comfortable mid-calf socks perform as well as they look!

LLL - Printed Socks

Team lacrosse socks are also a hit, since you have almost infinite options. Add a logo of your choice, a team name, your name, a number – and go all out – you can print on the front and the back for truly unique socks that the whole team will love.

LLL - Custom Printed Socks

Our ever-popular knee socks come up higher on your leg than our mid-calf socks, and are made of the same awesome moisture-wicking material that helps keep your feet cool and dry.  They are available in tons of colors and patterns, so there’s definitely a pair that’s perfect for every lacrosse girl’s unique style.

LLL - Knee Socks

These are just some of the awesome things we have on LuLaLax to help make this the best spring lacrosse season ever! Go check us out, we’re sure you’ll find something you love! And don’t forget, a lot of these items make great team and coach gifts!

Here’s hoping you have a great lacrosse season, from everyone at LuLaLax.com!

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