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DIY: A Hockey Halloween

DIY: A Hockey Halloween


My favorite month out of the year. Why, you may ask? Because two of the best things finally collide: Hockey and Halloween! Personally, I want to go all out with the Hockey theme this year. What better way to show your love of both the best sport and most fang-tastic holiday ever than with Hockey/Halloween inspired EVERYTHING?! Some may call it crazy, I call it… well, okay maybe it is a little crazy. But isn’t Halloween supposed to be a little kooky?

If you want to have a very Hockey Halloween, then stick around (pun intended), and check out some of these great ideas!

How to: Hockey Player Pumpkin

No matter how you spend October 31st, one thing should never change: pumpkin decorating! But you might be wondering how to you make your pumpkin stand out from the crowd? Well, this Hockey inspired pumpkin will be sure to have your neighbors talking!


Step 1: Pick Your Puck-in! (Lame, I know. I’m trying!)

  • Keep in mind that you’re making a hockey player.
  • A perfectly round pumpkin would be best, but a short stocky pumpkin could make for an interesting hockey player!
  • Maybe base it off your favorite professional player!

Step 2: Outline Your Design!

  • Figure out what hockey design you are going for.
  • For this pumpkin we started with the helmet, drawing a circle around the top, marking where the helmet ends and the cage begins.
  • From there, draw the cage. The cage creates a grid which may help you figure out where the eyes need to go.
  • Next, mark where you would like the ear loops to go on either side of the head.
  • Finally, quickly determine where the hands should go – this is where you will be carving two holes for the hockey stick.



Step 3: Carve That Pumpkin and Scoop Out Its GUTS!

  • Parental guidance is advised ***
  • For best results, use a serrated knife.
  • First, cut off the top of the pumpkin along the line that you have created.
  • Scoop out the insides.
  • Next, cut one small square on either side of the pumpkin where the hands should be. Make sure the squares are big enough to fit a hockey stick!
  • Finally, drill two holes where the eyes should be. Simple enough, but proceed with caution!



Step 4: Put the Hockey Stick in Place and Paint!

  • After the hockey stick is in place, paint the pumpkin whatever colors you want! We chose black for the helmet, red for the uniform, and white for the numbers!
  • To make this even more realistic, or as realistic as a pumpkin hockey player can be, find a small flat pumpkin and paint it all black – now you have a puck!


Step 5: Place a Candle Inside To Make the Eyes Glow!


Now That You Have an Amazing Hockey Pumpkin

You’ll need some Hockey inspired Halloween gear! The most important part of Halloween is your outfit; if it’s not spooktacular, you’re doing it wrong. But fear not, I’m here to help! Check out our limited edition tees, sleeves, socks, and RokBANDS, and make a costume of your very own! Save 15% off all Hockey Halloween Apparel with our code: DIYHALLOWEEN







Aside From the Costume…

The food is also a very important aspect. Whether you’re heading to a party, or causally watching scary movies at home, you want there to be food, and lots of it. Here are a few recipes that I’m sure you’ll enjoy!


  • Buffalo Wings (Make Black Bat Wings by adding black food coloring to the sauce!)




Have a fangtastic Halloween!

All apparel posted here can be found at chalktalksports.com under the Hockey-Holiday-Halloween tab.

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