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New Engraved Bomboo Phone Cases!

New Engraved Bamboo Phone Cases For iPhone 4, 4s & 5


Have you heard? Gone For a RUN has a new product for your phone! Meet our Engraved Bamboo iPhone Cases. These cases are made from real bamboo wood and are laser engraved. Bamboo wood grows like a weed, so it is a much more eco-friendly material than other woods. The real, high quality wood and careful engraving gives these cases a sophisticated look.

These make great gifts tech-savvy runners!

Each case is engraved with a beautiful and original design. Many of the designs can even be customized to fit a name. These cases are not just beautiful but they are light and durable! Bamboo is notable for it’s strength and light weight and it is noticeable in these cases. Plus, they are a steal at $34.99!

There are dozens of designs options ranging from race specific to running patterns and illustrations. It will be hard to decide which you want!

Hurry and get yours now!


Let us know what designs your thoughts or comments are! Leave us a comment here, on Facebook or on Twitter @GoneForaRUN.











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