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Three Recovery Tips For Fall Marathoners

Three Recovery Tips For Fall Marathoners

More than 500,000 runners complete a marathon in the U.S. every year, and in 2013 there were a record 1,100 marathons across the country, according to Running USA’s 2014 Annual Marathon Report. This fall has proven to be yet another successful marathon season. The Marine Corp Marathon had winners in both the men and women divisions who had little, if any, experience running marathons, and the New York City Marathon boasted 50,564 finishers, making it the largest marathon in history, according to ESPN. As fall marathon season winds down, keeping race recovery in mind should be a priority for all fall marathoners. These long distance races take their toll on the body, and recovering properly is essential in order for the body to repair itself. Know someone who is about to run a marathon? If you want to help jumpstart their recovery process, consider helping them out after they cross the finish with these helpful remedies:

  1. Recovery Clothing – Many of the places where fall marathons are held experience pretty cold weather this time of year. Even though runners may get hot and sweaty during the race, it’s easy to get the chills as soon as the race is over. Having a warm change of clothes waiting for a friend at the finish line is a great way to help them stay warm after the race. Runners recovery sandals also provide great relief for sore, tired feet after a big race. These sandals have special massaging soles to soothe sore feet and improve circulation. Any marathoner would be happy to get out of their wet running gear and slip into warm clothes and comfy sandals.
  2. Good Meal – It takes a lot of energy to get through a marathon, and most runners are starving after finishing the big race (when the nausea subsides, that is). Runners need to replenish their bodies after a marathon to get back all of the nutrients and energy that was lost during the race. Taking a friend out for a nice, warm meal can help them re-nourish and re-hydrate their bodies, and it helps them start the road to recovery off on the right foot.
  3. Race Jewelry – A lot of time and energy goes into training for a marathon, and completing one is a huge accomplishment. Small marathon gifts, like race jewelry from the marathon, is a good way to remember all of the hard work and dedication that went into the big race. Getting a friend a piece of race jewelry, like a necklace or bracelet with a personalized charm on it, is a nice little memento to remember their accomplishment by.

Recovery is an important part of completing a long distance race, but unfortunately many runners fail to give it as much attention as they should. Warm clothes, comfy shoes, a good meal and a little gift are nice ways to start the process and can help encourage a runner to continue working hard at their sport.

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