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Three Ways For Women to Stay Warm and Safe on Winter Runs

Three Ways For Women to Stay Warm and Safe on Winter Runs

Running is one of the best forms of aerobic exercise, and it can even slow the effects of aging, reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and lower a person’s blood pressure. While there are a number of healthy benefits to running, it can also pose some risks when winter approaches and there are fewer hours of sunlight each day. Running when it’s cold and dark can lead to frostbite and hypothermia, and it makes runners less visible to traffic on the road. With the right gear and proper precautions, however, runners can safely continue their daily exercise routine all winter long. For those women who tough it out throughout the winter, here is some running apparel for women to help them stay safe and warm on their runs:

  1. Pny Tail Hats – When temperatures plummet, it is important to bundle up whenever going outside. A significant amount of heat is lost through the head, making proper headwear an essential winter item. For women, it can be difficult to figure out what type of hat to wear because their hair can get in the way. Pony tail hats are a simple solution to this problem. These hats have a small hole in the back that a pony tail can easily fit through, allowing women runners to keep their heads warm while not having to worry about what to do with their hair.

  3. Runners Safety Lights – With the days getting shorter, evening runs are now often done in the dark. Running at night can be dangerous for runners because it is hard for motorists to see them running by. Runners who don’t take the proper precautions run the risk of getting hit by a car. Safety lights for runners are bright, lightweight accessories that greatly improve their visibility to drivers out on the road. Running with a bright light in the dark decreases a runners risk of being hit.

  5. Bright, Warm Running Gear – What’s the best way to combat the both the cold and the dark at the same time? Running apparel for women that is both warm and bright is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. Yellow and orange are the best colors to improve visibility, and it is easy to find long-sleeved shirts and other warm gear in these colors.

Running at night in the cold has its risks, but being prepared can greatly decrease a runner’s chances of being hit by a car or getting frostbite or hypothermia. All of the running apparel for women listed above are great ways to stay warm and visible over the cold, dark winter.

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