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Usain Bolt Unstoppable in IAAF World Championships

   This weekend Usain Bolt dominated the 200 meter and 4 x 100 Team Relay.

On Saturday, Usain Bolt won the 200 meter race with a time of 19.66 seconds. The win was clear as soon as the runner entered the final straight. Bolt beat the silver placer, Warren Weir, by .13 seconds. The two then had a victory dance to Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds,” as reported By The Huffington Post.

Here is a video of the race in case you missed it! [youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuLamqgtceo[/youtube]

The next day, Usain Bolt earned his fourth triple gold in the 4×100 team relay! The Jamaican team set the world record.  This was the only world record set during the Championships. Bolt commented on the teams achievement saying,” This record was a great achievement. I finished the championships on a good note so I’m proud of myself.” This was a comeback from last Sunday, when Bolt false started in the 100 final. It was a great race to bring a close to the championships.  You can read more here thanks to Huff Post.

Missed it? Watch it here! [youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSjYwzo-NPw[/youtube]

The Championships in Moscow have been amazing to watch this past week! The best runners in the world did not hold back and put on a great show for the world! I can’t wait to see more from these fantastic runners like Usain Bolt and  Mo Farah. The upcoming fall races will not disappoint.

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