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I’m Feeling Your Socks Bro

I’m Feeling Your Socks Bro

   I live for theme parties.  I am picking out my outfit for the 4th of July today! When dressing for a theme it is important to go beyond what is socially acceptable. The more clothing and accessories you have that is in theme the better. Needless to say all these items come in a variety of sports! In case this holiday will be your first theme party, there are some basic rules you need to follow.

Theme Party Rules:
 1. When in doubt, over do it! ( People love the guy that shows up to an 80s theme with a real perm)
 2. Food and drink must be in theme too ( If you are doing a Toga party there must be grapes, wine and legs of lamb)
 3. BRING A CAMERA! ( You will want photos and A LOT of them! If you have a camera phone that will work too)
 4. Play games within theme! ( 4th of July means fireworks and water guns!)
 5. Do NOT by ANY means say “YOLO”.

First off we have these fantastic, patriotic lacrosse flip flops. The winning pose of the player just makes you want to run around with sparklers blazing!

  Next we have the classic hand knit hockey hat. Even thought it is July, wearing a hat can add a fun twist. It lets people know that you do not usually wear so much theme clothing all at once and reassures the public of your sanity. hk-01779-2http://www.ChalkTalkSPORTS.com/Fleece_Lined_Knit_HOCKEY_Hat_Red_Navy_p/hk-01779.htm

   These sweatpants really are what brings this masterpiece together, plus they’re comfy. Wearing jeans just is not wild enough! If you are too warm the cool thing is you can roll them up into clam diggers and show off your cool socks!bs-00712-2http://www.ChalkTalkSPORTS.com/Baseball_Second_Base_Fleece_Sweatpants_p/bs-00712.htm

   This T-shirt is perfect for the 4th! How can anyone see those stars and stripes flying and not want to sing the national anthem? sc01317-663-926http://www.ChalkTalkSPORTS.com/Soccer_Tshirt_Short_Sleeve_USA_Spirit_Soccer_Girl_p/sc01317-663.htm

  Oh man… the socks… I LOVE THESE SOCKS. Just look at them! They have everything.  The flag and a lacrosse stick, they are a thing of beauty.

lx-05027-2 http://www.ChalkTalkSPORTS.com/Lacrosse_All_American_Crew_Socks_p/lx-05027.htm

   Now the pièce de résistance! Uncle Sam holding a lacrosse stick with stars in the background. I am in heaven! I do realize I am planning on wearing two different socks. The great thing about doing it is that my friend can get the other two socks so we can match! It is fun to have a partner when you get stared at going down the street. lx-05203-2pack-2http://www.ChalkTalkSPORTS.com/Lacrosse_Fireworks_Crew_Socks_p/lx-05203-2pack.htmlx-05245-2

   Finally we have the lacrosse, flag phone case. No one expects you to be so in theme that even your phone is! That is why this is a must have! All the little details add up to make an unforgettable outfit!


    Right about now you are probably wondering how it is possible that someone can wear this all at once and how can I be seen out in public. Well the answer is layers and I do not embarrass ever.  Plus it’s a theme party! The more ridiculous you look the better! But if you are not as hardcore as I am, wear one or two items! I promise that they will be a conversation piece. It will feel great when you start making friends just because of your socks!
    The Independence Day socks and T-shirt are on sale now so GO FAST!!

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