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Why Everyone Loves Sport Stick Pens!

Why Everyone Loves Sport Stick Pens!

The Pens of Your Dreams

Everyone has that favorite pen from time to time. That one that just writes so smooth, and lets out just enough ink so that it doesn’t bleed or scratch the paper. That one that fits nicely and comfortably into your hand. This is that pen, but better! Meet your new favorite pens – the Sport Stick Pen.  photo[1]

The pens come in two sport stick options; lacrosse and field hockey! They both are great for taking to school or the office. They take a boring day and make it a little more fun! It’s hard to keep a straight face while writing with one of these. Kids love them for school, and the pens are great for sharing. It will be easy to become the most popular kid in class when everyone wants to play desk lacrosse or hockey!

They make great back to school gifts!






Not only are these pens fun, but they are functional! These ballpoint pens write smoothly and cleanly. They can function as either pen, sport stick, or both! It’s easy to go from business time to play time. Watch out – that means everyone will be trying to steal them from you!


    These pens also come in a rainbow of colors! The field hockey come in black with pink, black with green, and black with blue. The lacrosse sticks come in a variety of bright colors! You can have a rainbow of pens!  

rainbowpenschalk Hurry and stock up on your pens now!




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