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Meet The Dog Squad… and Get a T-Shirt for $12!

Meet The Dog Squad… and Get a T-Shirt for $12!

Happy New Year! We hope you had a great time celebrating, and saying goodbye to 2016, hoping for great things to happen in 2017, making resolutions (like practicing more, spending more time with your family, finally getting an A in that class that’s been giving you a hard time… whatever it may be, don’t give up!) To help you ring in the new year in style, we have – for the month of January 2017 only – marked down our super awesome ChalkTalkSPORTS Dog Squad short sleeve T-Shirts to only $12. No matter what your sport is, the deal applies, so hurry – you don’t want to miss out on this offer, because when the clock strikes 12 on January 31, this great deal will expire like Cinderella’s glass slipper.

Can you think of a better way to use that gift certificate you received for the holidays?

Our Dog Squad is made up of the best and brightest canines who just want to see you do your best in your sport – and maybe play a little themselves? And are all available for just $12 for the month of January 2017.

Rocky the Hockey Dog, who carries his hockey stick everywhere he goes, is shockingly good on the ice and would love it if someone would be kind enough to make ice skates for dogs. This fun T-Shirt is a ideal for any hockey player and sure to be a favorite.

Pitch the Softball Dog is known for having an uncanny ability to successfully bunt (after all, the bat is already positioned for it). Her lifelong dream is to live up to her name and pitch a game. This is a shirt any softball player will love.
Rocky the Hockey Dog Shirt Pitch the Softball Dog Shirt

Spot the Soccer Dog is great on the field – after all, he has four legs with which to kick the ball, when his human only has two. He’s also not afraid to use his head, if necessary. This soft T-Shirt is ideal for soccer players on and off the field.

Holly the Volleyball Dog loves her sport, and is an amazing middle blocker who commands respect from other teams. Who knew?  This adorable shirt is one that any volleyball player will love all year round.

Holly the Volleyball Dog Shirt Spot the Soccer Dog Shirt

Cody the Crew Dog loves being on the water and once tried out to be a coxswain, but nobody understood her when she was barking orders.  This is a great shirt for anyone who loves to row.

Jax the Lax Dog is most at home when playing goalie, though this pooch is as versatile as the soft cotton shirt and is happy to play any position – the same way this shirt goes with any bottoms you choose.

Cody the Crew Dog Shirt Jax the Lax Dog Shirt

Baxter the Basketball Dog loves a good game whether it’s indoors or outdoors and doesn’t mind playing when it’s cold out. After all, he does have a fur coat… and a wicked three-point shot. Every basketball player should have the fun and stylish T-Shirt.

Flick the Field Hockey Dog sometimes gets a foot foul call, though she’s learned much better stick control since becoming an official Dog Squad member who gets to represent her favorite sport on this 100% cotton T-Shirt for field hockey players.

Flick the Field Hockey Dog Shirt Baxter the Basketball Dog Shirt

Buddy the Baseball Dog is famous for winning a game for the team when he was walked (that small strike zone works to his benefit) when the bases were loaded, and never lets anyone forget it. Players will love this fun shirt on and off the field.

Finn the Swim Dog holds the local doggy paddle record in all divisions, and is proud to be featured on this fun swimming T-Shirt that’s great to pull on after a long swim meet or practice.

Finn the Swim Dog ShirtBuddy the Baseball Dog Shirt

Dennis the Tennis Dog loves the sport so much, he started his own team just for dogs – which is the kind of spirit tennis players who wear this shirt always exhibit on the court.

Flash the Football Dog has never had a penalty called on him, ever – because he eats any flags thrown. This is a shirt any football player or fan will love wearing all year round.Flash the Football Dog ShirtDennis the Tennis Dog Shirt

Sven the Ski Dog can’t get enough time on the slopes, and excels at cross-country skiing, what with the four legs and all. Skiers will love this soft and comfortable ski shirt.

Coco the Cheer Dog is the head of her squad and, naturally, dating Flash the Football Dog (who she loves to cheer for.) This is an adorable addition to any cheerleader’s wardrobe. Coco the Cheer Dog ShirtSven the Ski Dog Shirt

Axel the Figure Skating Dog is always looking to up that routine – mostly so people will throw those great stuffed animals (chew toys) on the ice. A great shirt for anyone who loves figure skating.

LuLa the Lax Dog has been playing lacrosse since she was a puppy and has been the team’s MVP almost every year since. A great shirt for any girl’s lacrosse team player looking to be the MVP (so… everyone.)

Axel the Figure Skating Dog Shirt LuLa the Lax Dog Shirt

As you can see, our ChalkTalkSPORTS Dog Squad is diverse and dedicated to their sports – just like you are. Let everyone know – and save some cash – with your choice of one of our special January 2017 $12 T-Shirt of the Month picks!

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