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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Hockey Mom

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Hockey Mom

May 8th is Mother’s Day, the one day a year dedicated solely to mothers. Moms are the best! They do so much and they absolutely deserve a day where everyone pays attention to what they need and want and gives them gifts – and hockey moms deserve a day like this possibly even more. (And more than once a year, but it’s not like your mom would trade her status as world’s greatest hockey mom for anything in the world, right?)  Since it’s not always easy to pick the right gift – or gifts – for your mom, we’ve put together a handy guide to some of our favorite items for hockey moms. They’re great for Mother’s Day, of course, or just to say “thanks, mom” any day of the year.

A great gift that your mom will love – and be able to use at home or at work – is a hockey mom pillow.  Not only can this particular “Dear Mom, Thank You” pillow be customized, it’s also like a fluffy, decorative card that mom can keep and cuddle up with for years to come. It is available in two sizes and is sure to be a hit with any hockey mom, who will be sure to feel appreciated when she opens the package. (You are wrapping her gift(s), right?)  Purchase your personalized hockey mom pillow here.

Hockey Mom PillowAfter a long, stressful game – or season – sometimes, moms just like to relax with a glass of wine and their favorite TV show, movie, or book. For a fun – and funny – shirt mom can wear to games (or anywhere), our “Game Now, Wine Later” t-shirt is a great choice for any mom who likes a glass of wine – and it’s a definite conversation starter for her when she’s biting her nails, watching the game with the other hockey moms.  If this t-shirt sounds like something your mom would like, check it out here.

Game Now Wine Later Hockey T-Shirt



Goalies, we haven’t forgotten you or your moms! It’s currently legging season and if your mom likes to get comfortable in a pair of leggings either around the house, when running errands, or at the gym, we have the perfect ones for her. Our goalie  mom leggings are the perfect choice – and are custom printed in whatever color you choose (so go with mom’s favorite.) Soft and stylish, you can’t go wrong with a pair of goalie mom leggings, which you can purchase hereGoalie Mom Leggings

Some moms like something they can wear all year round and keep close to their hearts – even during the off-season.  One of our most popular gifts for hockey moms is the “momogram” hockey mom necklace.  It’s a subtle, but stylish way for her to show her hockey mom pride – and she never has to take it off (unless she wants to.) Wouldn’t that be a gift to remember?   Buy your hockey mom necklace here.

Hockey Mom Necklace

We also have hockey pucks for the type of hockey mom who likes a keepsake that really says “I love this sport.”  She can display them at home, work, or anywhere she likes, as they are regulation sized pucks (though for display purposes only.)  We have more than one variety – a more subtle “hockey mom” puck, and a more elaborate “thanks, mom” hockey puck, which has room for you to write a personalized message thanking your mom for all she does for you and for your team.


puck hockey puck 2

Purchase a “Hockey Mom” hockey  puck here.
Purchase a personalizable “Thanks Mom” hockey puck here.

No matter what you choose for your mom this Mother’s Day, make a point to ensure she has a very special day. If these gifts don’t seem like the perfect choice for your mom, we have a special section on our Web site just for hockey moms, which can be found here.  And while you’re at it, be sure to take care of the little things – make mom breakfast or lunch, take her on a nice walk, do some extra chores around the house. After all, she is a hockey mom – and that means she does a lot every other day of the year.

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