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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Softball Mom

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Softball Mom

Mother’s Day is May 8th (that’s really soon, by the way) and the last thing you want to do is forget to get something special for your softball mom – especially considering everything she dos for you and your softball team.  She’s sort of like a superhero and a mom rolled into one – making sure you have all your gear, that you eat well before the game (and practice) and encouraging you every step of the way.  Here are some of our favorite ways to help make your mom’s special day just a little nicer.

Summer is coming, and for a lot of people, that means the beach. Why not get your mom a softball beach towel, which she can also use to sit on the grass at a softball game and soak up some sun while cheering you on? Our microfiber beach towels look great, dry quickly, and are perfect for games, picnics, and of course, the beach!  Purchase a softball mom beach towel here.

Beach towel

While we’re on the subject of the beach, softball moms shouldn’t have to wear any old flip-flops, or those awful two-colored plain ones that everyone picks up at the dollar store. They’re softball moms, and they deserve softball mom flip flops.  You’re probably asking yourself, “someone makes those? Where can I get them?”  Well… I’ll give you one guess…. or you can just click here for some softball mom flip flops!

Softball Mom flip flops

(Come on… what softball mom wouldn’t love those?)

That said, not all moms are really the beach types.  We absolutely haven’t forgotten about them! For example, if your mom likes a more subtle way to show her pride in the sport you play – and her favorite player – (cough)you(cough), a “momogram” softball necklace is a great choice. It’s a unique piece of jewelry she can always have close to her heart, and can wear any day of the year. Interested? Click here to buy mom a great softball necklace!

Softball mom necklaceAfter a long weekend of practices and games, maybe all your mom wants to do is get comfortable, relax, and watch her favorite TV show (no doubt on the DVR because of her crazy schedule). How about getting her a pair of super soft flannel lounge pants? They’re perfect for wearing around the house, but also stylish enough to wear when running errands, or even to games, and come in multiple colors and prints. I, personally, love the silver glitter print (which we just introduced this year) but you know your mom better than I do – choose her favorite colors. She’ll love some softball mom lounge pants, available here.

Softball Mom Lounge Pants

One final suggestion: If you have a great photo of yourself and your mom at a softball game together, why not put it in a frame designed especially for super-proud softball moms?  We have multiple styles of frames, but this one comes in multiple colors and can be personalized, if you like, for an extra special touch. Pick up a photo frame for a picture of your mom’s favorite softball player here.

Softball Mom Photo Frame

Of course, these are just some suggestions. We have a whole section of our Web site devoted to Mother’s Day gifts we think would be great for any softball mom.  Take a look and I’m sure you will find a gift (or two or three) that your mom will love, making her special day all the more memorable.  While you’re at it, make her a nice, healthy breakfast — and then do all the dishes. I’m sure she’ll appreciate that as well. You can never do too much for your softball mom, especially considering all she does for you.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there from ChalkTalkSPORTS.com!

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