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Plus Size Model Featured on Women’s Running Cover

Plus Size Model Featured on Women’s Running Cover

From Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty, to Victoria Secret featuring plus-sized models in their annual fashion show, to plus size model, Erica Schenk, being featured on August’s cover of Runner’s Magazine, the image of the ideal women’s body is starting to change.

From a young age, all girls are exposed to the idea that “skinny” is “perfect.”  We are surrounded by fashion, health, and athletic advertisements that feature skinny women, and believe that our bodies need to be just like theirs. There was always a push to have the so called “perfect” body that models spend their days maintaining.

However, if you begin to look around, this idea of a “perfect” body and model stereotype is beginning to transform. Companies are featuring women with more curves in their advertisements to spread the message for women to love and embrace their bodies, no matter their size.

In Runner’s Magazine, 18 year old, Erica Schenk, shows that not every runner is “skinny.” Making the cover of a fitness magazine proves to all women that no matter your size, you have the ability to run and that running is made for everyone.

Forget about focusing on having the ideal “perfect” “skinny” body that is for some women impossible to get, instead focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and embracing your true beauty.

For the full story and to read Erica Schenk’s interview click here.



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