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Sports- Bringing Families Together

There is a lot to be said for the benefits of sports beyond the obvious– it is a strong cohesive force bringing together family and friends. Sports are uniting, comforting and bring joy to so many.

I couldn’t help but stop and notice the magnetism of sports this past July 4th weekend. There were so many examples everywhere you looked where people were out enjoying themselves. My son and I ran a ‘4 on the 4th’ four mile road race on Saturday morning and it was so much fun. Families were encouraging each other on, ‘Go Mommy Go’ or ‘There’s Dad – Hurry only one mile to go!” children were running with their parents and family and friends cheering on the sidelines. Then at the Marina, families were swimming together, playing Frisbee in the park, kayaking and sailing together. All ages were enjoying themselves and enjoying each other as they engaged in a physical activity together. Later that evening as our family passed the football at the beach, laughter and energy filled the air as families all around us were ‘playing’– all having great fun……together.

So make time to leave your blackberry’s and phones at home, get your children to put their video games down and go outside and play. It will be time well spent together…guaranteed (and maybe the best part of your day!)

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