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Sports-Themed Marriage Proposals, Part 1

Sports-Themed Marriage Proposals, Part 1

You don’t have to be a billionaire – or even a millionaire – to put together a completely sweet and romantic sports-themed marriage proposal.  After all, marriage – and before that, weddings – and before that, proposals – are about the two people who want to spend the rest of their lives together. You definitely want this special moment to be memorable, but that doesn’t mean you have to rent skywriters to fly over the Super Bowl, or have your intended spouse proposed to by a favorite player (that could get confusing, anyway, and who wants to lose their future spouse to a MLB player?).

So how do you do a sports themed proposal that’s within your budget? It’s easier than you think.

The Tennis Proposal (In His Backyard)

Tom and Grace had been friends since childhood, which is not the typical way most married couples meet, but everyone has their own story.  Their parents, also friends, always joked they’d end up getting married… and that’s exactly what happened.  The two saw each other every day until college took them to separate parts of the country – her to New York and him to Washington state.  They still stayed in touch, Facebook chats here and there, things like that, but it wasn’t like it was when they were growing up.  After graduation, though, they both returned home and it was as if a single day had passed. Except they realized they had feelings for each other and started dating.  Their families were part amused, part thrilled and Grace’s mother even bet Tom’s mother how long it would be before they were related.

One night, after the two had dinner at Tom’s house, they took his dog, Dennis, out to play fetch.  Tom threw the ball as far as he could and said, “hey, I’m not feeling so well. Can you tire him out a bit and meet me inside?”  Grace said, “sure” and waited for Dennis to bring the ball back.  When he dropped it at her feet, she noticed there was writing on the ball.  It said, “Tom loves Grace.”  She thought it was cute and tossed the ball for the dog again.  Tom, who was hiding behind a tree, not sick at all, and waiting, was almost broken-hearted.  He thought she’d seen both sides of the ball and was pretending not to have, because she didn’t want to marry him.  When Dennis brought the ball back a second time, Grace noticed more text. It read, “will you marry me?”  Grace ran into the house (with Dennis and Tom following her) screaming, “Yes, of course I will! Tom! I will marry you!” Tom, standing behind her, was laughing so hard – partially out of relief and partially because she had no idea he was outside watching the whole thing.   They married six months later and now live in Tom’s house, with Dennis – who was the ring bearer at the wedding.  (Their moms still can’t say who won the bet – Grace’s said less than a year and Tom’s said “a little more than that” and it was exactly one year from the date they started dating.

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The Baseball Proposal (At a Game)

In May of 2012, John finally proposed to Kelly. He’d been thinking about it for months. Christmas was all wrong, and so was New Year’s Eve. So cliche! Valentine’s Day? The same problem. Cheesy and predictable.  (Meanwhile, Kelly was wondering if he was ever going to ask her to marry him.)  That’s when it occurred to him that his baseball season  was about to end and Nancy was going to be at the final  game.  He told his teammates on the Devon Owls (champions 2009, 2011, and 2014!) what he was planning and had a specially printed baseball ready to go (and of course, a ring).  His team won the game and while everyone was cheering, Mark ran over to Nancy and said, “here’s the game ball for you.”  Confused, she looked down, and saw the ball was pristine white and said, “Will You Marry Me?” She then looked up and saw Mark on one knee, his uniform more than a little dirty from the game, but looking gorgeous, nonetheless, holding out a ring.  Of course, she said yes.  And the whole team was there to cheer and celebrate – and of course, they were at the wedding, too.

The two just bought a fixer upper house in Philadelphia and are having a great time working on it. That is… when John isn’t playing baseball and Kelly isn’t cheering him on.  The nice thing, though, is the team has offered to lend a hand and it’s coming along more quickly as a result.

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The Hockey Proposal (At a Game)

Jeff had been a minor league hockey player, who played through high school and then banged up his knee and had to stop playing.  That didn’t stop him from being a huge hockey fan, and he even met a girl who enjoyed the sport as much as he did (it was at one of those sports-themed restaurants – as into the game as he was, Jeff couldn’t help but be distracted by the auburn-haired girl who seemed to be even more into it. After all, she is the sort of girl who yells at the refs through the TV as if they can hear her.

Jeff and Emily started dating the next night and became that couple everyone wishes they could be.  After a year of dates, to celebrate their anniversary, Jeff bought two tickets to a Boston hockey game. It was a natural way for them to celebrate their one-year dating anniversary. During intermission, Jeff said he was starving and went to get nachos for them to share. And then slipped a specially printed hockey puck onto the tray, with a ring taped to the bottom of it.  Emily gasped when she saw it and it read, “Emily… pucker up… at our wedding?”  Emily grabbed the ring and put it on her own finger before Jeff had the chance to, before screaming, “YES!” and giving him a huge kiss.  The couple actually married at a hockey rink in their hometown of New Haven, CT… a wedding that people still talk about to this day as in, “that was so Jeff and Emily.”  To this day, they keep their engagement puck on the mantle next to other pucks they caught at games. But none of them are as special as that one.

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The Golf Proposal (On a Weekend Getaway)

Things had been crazy for Daniel and Cassandra for a few months.  Daniel was an attorney who had way too large of a caseload and Cassandra was a personal chef with some demanding clients.  While they couldn’t take time off for a full-fledged vacation, they were able to get away for a weekend. They packed their bags and took off for a weekend in North Carolina to relax, reconnect, and (little did Cassandra know) play some mini golf. She even protested a tiny bit when Daniel suggested they hit the course – but he convinced her, knowing he had a custom printed golf ball asking her to marry him in his pocket.  Even after they started playing, Cassandra was still somewhat pouting because she really just wanted to relax and not do anything with her weekend away. Daniel kept making jokes and trying to get her to smile… and nothing worked.  He didn’t stress it, though – he knew she’d be smiling by the time they left. At the last hole, when Cassandra wasn’t looking, Daniel swapped out the ball he was using with the one he had printed with the text that was going to make her day. And then said, “Hey pouty, your turn.”  She shot him a look and hit her ball straight into the hole… that it popped out of.   She was absolutely confused and went to look, only to find a golf ball already in there.

“Unfair! I made that shot and you didn’t take your ball out on the last shot! I would have won and now you did!,” she said.  Daniel smiled and said, “Well take it out and you can have a do-over, sorry about that.  She picked up the ball, furious at her soon-to-be fiance, only to see it read, “I love you, Cassandra. Marry me?”  She looked across the fake green grass of the mini golf course and said, “seriously?” And Daniel smiled, and said, “I don’t know. Go check for something else in there, will you?” And there it was, a sparking diamond and sapphire ring she’d admired months ago when the two were shopping for a gift for his mother’s birthday.  “Daniel! Of course I will marry you,” she said, and the people who were waiting (impatiently) for them to finish their game broke into applause.  The blushing couple apologized to them, and walked off the course with Daniel carrying a smiling Cassandra to the car so they could go get dinner and really celebrate the fact that they were getting married…. Finally… after five and a half years of dating.

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We have a few more stories for you so stay tuned for part two… and more romantic and exciting sports-themed engagement stories.

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