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How To Stop Craving Junk Food

How To Stop Craving Junk Food

NO! Put the doughnut down and back away from the ice cream! Having a tough time maintaining a healthy diet? Everyone craves junk food, but here are some tips to help you stay on track. junkcravingsideimgCHALK

Tips Stop Junk Craving Junk Food:

1. Motivate Yourself
Find a reason to avoid the junk! You want to look hot for summer, fit into those skinny jeans, or win a big game?  Next time you’re going for a bag of chips, try to stay focused on the big picture.
2. Don’t Dwell On A Slip-Up
No one is perfect all the time, and once in a while you might eat too large of meal or have that slice of cake at the office party. Don’t dwell on it! Weighing down your mind with negative thoughts will only keep you from moving forward. One slip up is not failure, but giving up completely is.
3. Never Skip Meals
Skipping meals may seem like the fast track to getting skinny, but it only creates obstacles. Skipping a meal now means you will be even more hungry later. It is important to eat regularly to keep up healthy blood sugar and maintain your metabolism. Most importantly, do not forget about breakfast! Many people are guilty of missing breakfast because of a lack of time. But, getting up a few extra minutes early to to the kitchen and cook a healthy meal is worth it. If you start the day off right, it’s more likely you’ll stay on track all day. Bonus: eating in the morning will also help kick start your metabolism all day!
4. Clean Out The Closet
It’s easy to fall victim to cravings when what you want is only a few feet away. It’s much too easy to give into your fridge at 2 am then it would be to go out and buy what you want. Get rid of any of the junk food in your house. You will be happy you threw it out later.
5. Recognize Hunger
Don’t mistake boredom or lack of energy for hunger. Our minds play tricks on us, so learn to recognize when you want to eat and why you want to eat. If you are so hungry that you are reaching for a cookie, think, would you want a salad? Or a steak? If you say no, I only have eyes for that cookie, you are probably not hungry.
6. Grab A Glass of Water
If your craving is killing you, grab a glass of ice cold water to fill your stomach and keep your mouth busy. Feel free to squeeze some fruit, lemon or add mint to it for some flavor! Still craving? Drink another glass.
7. Wait It Out
Studies have shown that a craving usually only lasts from 5-20 minutes, and are able to wait one out. So distract yourself for a while! Go for a run, read a book, or take a shower. Just keep yourself busy until the craving has passed.
8. Fill Up On the Good Stuff
As any athlete can attest to, playing sports makes you hungry! Try to fill up on whole, healthy, protein packed foods that will help keep you satisfied longer and less likely to reach for the junk.
8. Sleep!
A lack of sleep leads to a lack of energy, Many people mistake sleep deprivation for hunger.  Sleep deprivation also slows your metabolism and can cause weight gain. Try to hit the sack early, and make sure to get at least 8 hours of rest.
10. Strengthen Your Mind
Meditate on a regular basis. Try just 20 minutes a day or a few hours a week. The relaxation will help with stress and the time to clear your mind can help you regain focus and gain will power.

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