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Stay Chill – Tips To Stay Cool In Hot Weather

Stay Chill – Tips To Stay Cool In Hot Weather

   This summer has been unbearably HOT! I think I may of cooked myself when I left the house this morning. It’s hard enough just going about daily business in this weather, much less playing sports or working out! Don’t give up hope! It is still possible for you to play outside without risking your life. Check out these tips to stay cool in hot weather. One of the products here at Chalk Talk Sports is the Stay Chill– instant cooling towel band. It is made of revolutionary material for athletes that keeps you cool for hours! All you have to do is soak it in cool water, squeeze out the excess and put it on. Wrap it around your head or neck, or buy a bunch and wrap yourself like a mummy.gs-00738-4

There are easy tips you can follow to beat the heat:

This is the most important step, dehydration happens much faster in the heat and has serious consequences. So pack a large cold water and a second cold sports drink.
– Avoid Noon Sun.
This is when the sun is most intense. The effects of heat stroke happen much faster in this time. Avoid playing between 11 am and 1 pm.
– Eat Lightly.
It takes a lot of blood for your body to digest a large meal. If you eat lightly your circulation is better and this will reduce your risk of dehydration.
– Dress For Occasion.
Wear lightweight, loose clothing preferably in a light color. Your sweat will evaporate faster and the light color will keep you from heating up as quickly.
– Know Your Limits.
If you feel faint, light headed, nauseous or think it is just too hot or humid for you to go play, don’t. Listen to your own body, it knows what’s best.
– Wear Your Cooling Towel!
It will help keep you cool. It’s perfect for half time of a game, after or just when you need some relief to keep going.

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