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Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Lacrosse Guys

Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Lacrosse Guys

The holiday shopping season is approaching fast. Don’t fret! We are here to help you. Got a lacrosse guy in your life? Look no further! Check out our list below of top 10 holiday gifts for lacrosse guys, guaranteed great gifts!

10. Frames – Capture your favorite lacrosse moment and have it forever in one of our Lacrosse picture frames! We have dozens of designs to choose from. We have wooden, magnetic and engraved frames. Add your name, jersey number and team name to make your own custom creation.


9. Room Hooks – With our awesome Lacrosse Room hooks anyone who enters your room will know you are passionate about lax. You can hang your pinnies, hats, and even your lacrosse stick on this hook. Add some personalized text to create a custom wall display just for you!


8. Personalized Pinnies – Our breathable lacrosse pinnies allow you to lax comfortably! Designed for ultimate performance with moisture-wicking and anti-microbial properties to keep you dry and odor free throughout the entire game. Our fabric is reversible and is also pick, pull and pill resistant for long-term wear. Personalize any pinnie by adding your name and jersey number on the back!


7. Phone Cases – Why not put your love for your smartphone and lacrosse into one? Our customizable lacrosse phone cases come in graphic or bamboo designs. We have many different designs so just choose the one that matches your personality. Just let us know what type of smartphone you have!


6. Ornaments – Combine your love for lacrosse with Christmas to get our Lacrosse Christmas Ornaments! Our ornaments will look beautiful hung on any Christmas tree. With over 50 designs they make the perfect holiday gift for any player or fan. You can add an ornament stand to turn any piece into a desk ornament to be enjoyed all year long!


5. T Shirts – We have over 150 t shirt designs with a wide selection of apparel choices including short sleeve, long sleeve and performance tees, with multiple color options. Personalize your tee with your name and jersey number. We have youth and adult sizes available on most of our designs. 


4. Socks – Our socks are designed with high tech function, comfort and style in mind. Our Ultra Spun knit fabric is soft yet strong and it dries much faster than cotton moving perspiration away from the skin. With many designs and colors to choose from you will be able to find a style that every laxer on your list will enjoy. Some designs even allow for personalization options!


3.Post Game Recovery Sandals – Our recovery sandals are specifically designed for athletes and promote the recovery of soles and tired feet. The unique raised triggers on the acupoint soles activate nerve endings in the feet to send healing relief through the entire body. They make the perfect gift for lacrosse players to slip on after a long practice to hard game!


2. Room Signs – Our one of a kind room Lacrosse Room Signs are perfect for any avid lacrosse player or fan! Anyone who steps into your room will know that you are an avid laxer after seeing one of these signs. We have over 25 designs so you can pick out the perfect decoration to compliment any space. 


1. Wall Decals – What a better way to show off your love of lacrosse than a wall decal? These decals come in a variety of styles and colors to choose from. You can add your name, jersey number and team name for personalization.





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