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Top 3 Tips for Choosing Athletic Socks for Soccer

Top 3 Tips for Choosing Athletic Socks for Soccer

Participating in sports is much more than playing a game. Athletic activities lay the foundation for creating a healthy, productive lifestyle, with many athletes using the skills they’ve acquired from playing sports in several other areas of their lives, such as their careers or relationships.

This is especially true for children. Research has indicated that children who participate in athletics have higher levels of self-esteem than those who do not, and score an average of 30% higher on tests than non-athletic children. Being physically active has been clinically shown to reduce and alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression.

However, in order to actively participate in sports it’s essential to have the right gear. It may seem surprising that choosing the right pair of soccer socks is just as important as finding proper soccer cleats. Keep in mind that the right pair of soccer socks can improve a player’s performance by allowing the cleats to fit the player’s foot properly. Poor quality socks, non-athletics socks, or socks designed for other activities, such as socks for ice fishing, may results in painful blisters, toenail problems, bunions, and even infections.

Athletic socks, especially those for soccer, should provide cushion and arch support, while facilitating actions such as running, jumping and others that require speed and agility. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right athletic sock for soccer.

Athletic socks are sport specific. Purchase socks that are specifically made for soccer, as these will have the appropriate height, thickness and protection that will complement soccer cleats. Depending on the athlete’s needs and condition, you may want to explore different sock heights and thickness. Generally, additional cushioning for the heels and soles of the feet is beneficial for soccer and other high-impact sports.

Compression technology has been used in athletics for years to reduce swelling and inflammation, as well as to increase performance. Compression sleeves and socks are made of a reinforced, tighter, yet breathable fabric. Compression fit socks help keep padding in one place, such as the arch of the foot, for a better fit while applying gentle pressure to the rest of the foot. These socks are especially beneficial to athletes suffering from fallen arches, and have been shown to reduce foot soreness and fatigue, while improving circulation.

Did you know that each foot has over 250,000 sweat glands which produce an average of four to six ounces of sweat daily? Choosing a breathable fabric is essential to an athlete’s comfort and hygiene. Socks made of a poor-quality or non-breathable fabric can quickly become breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi, which favor warm, moist environments. It’s best to choose a fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin. Cotton, while comfortable, is not an ideal fabric for athletic socks as it quickly absorbs moisture but dries slowly. Opt for synthetic fiber socks such as polyester microfiber blends, which pull moisture to the surface of the sock, allowing it to evaporate quickly.

Soccer socks also make great sports gifts, and come in a variety of colors to match soccer tshirts or jerseys. Keep these factors in mind in order to find the best fit.

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