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What’s New at ChalkTalkSPORTS?

What’s New at ChalkTalkSPORTS?

When you hear people say “never a dull moment” – there is nowhere that is more true of than at ChalkTalkSPORTS.  We’re always thinking about, presenting, brainstorming, and designing new products, while adding new designs to our existing product collections. It’s a lot of hard work, to be sure, but it’s fun – and it’s absolutely rewarding when we see people who are so happy with the end results.  So, what have we been doing lately? Glad you asked!

Within the past month, we have added tons of new lifestyle belts, hook boards, and t-shirts – and introduced a whole new product line – trucker hats for every sport. We’ve even added products for a whole new sport – gymnastics! And I can say this, especially considering I am a writer here and not a designer, that  they look amazing and our designers  did a phenomenal job on all of them!

Lifestyle Belts  

belt 01 belt 02

Our custom-printed lifestyle belts (also known as web belts) have been completely revamped to include, for the first time, printed buckles that match the belts. We’ve also added tons of new designs to every sport, with something for every personality type. Some designs are bold, others are more subtle, but all of them are a great way to show off how much you love your favorite sport no matter what you’re doing or wearing.

Hook Boards

hook board 02 hook board 01

Hook boards are a great way to add some sports decor to your home or office, while organizing smaller objects and accessories. In a bedroom or bathroom, they’d be great for hanging necklaces and bracelets, headbands, hair ties, scarves, small purses, and other things you want to be able to grab quickly and easily. In a kitchen, they would be ideal for hanging keys, dog leashes, hats, and other things you might want easily accessible when leaving the house. And of course – they make amazing medal displays, for those of you looking for a stylish medal display. Each hook can hold four to six medals, and is an artistic and stylish way to hang your hard-earned medals.

Dog Squad T-Shirts

Doh Shirt 02 Dog Shirt 01

We’ve added a ton of new t-shirt designs in different sports – and are always adding more. The ChalkTalkSPORTS Dog Squad, for example, is a new series of mascot t-shirts with dogs who love representing their favorite sports as much as you love playing! We have 15 new shirts – in multiple colors – perfect for any player or fan, and especially for dog lovers! (And you know we’re all dog lovers here!)

New Softball Shirt 02

New Softball Shirt 01

We also added some fun new softball t-shirts as well, perfect for getting excited as spring season begins They’re so much fun and super stylish – and one of them is even glittery – how can any softball player or fan go wrong?
You can purchase the Softball is my True Love T-Shirt here.
You can purchase the Girls Just Wanna Play Softball T-Shirt here.

Trucker Hats

trucker hat 02 trucker hat 01

Trucker hats are about as in-style as you can get and once again, we went crazy with the designs – making everything from bold hats that make a statement, to more subtle and stylized hats that still show everyone where your heart lies. They’re the perfect spring and summer hat for guys and girls, but also players, fans, and coaches. Thanks to the snap closure on the back, they are easily adjustable for the perfect fit, and will definitely be one of your go-to warmer weather accessories.

I’ll be making these kinds of posts a regular feature going forward, but in the meantime, keep checking the site because we have lots of new items, designs, and products in the works that we know you’ll love – and we can’t wait to share them with you!

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