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Why Running is Actually Terrible

Why Running is Actually Terrible

Reasons why running is terrible, and why you should never do it.  (Brought to you by BuzzFeed)

  1. Because actual euphoria is overrated.
  2. And who wants to part with belly fat.
  3. Running helps you live long, which is the worst.
  4. Because maybe being less tense, angry and bummed out isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
  5. You have to spend time outdoors in nature…who wants to do that?
  6. Not to mention pounding the pavements through cities.
  7. It always takes away time  you could be hanging with friends…
  8. Or your kids…
  9. Or your best buddy.
  10. And watching yourself get fitter and faster isn’t that cool.
  11. It takes a toll on the body so you can’t really run when you’re older… just ask Gunhild Swanson.
  12. You already have enough self-esteem thank you very much.
  13. And better sleep is overrated.
  14. Because a carby meal before a long run doesn’t sound delicious…
  15. Neither does a post-run snack…
  16. And post-race celebration meals.
  17. Because crossing a finish line doesn’t sound like it would be that great a feeling.
  18. And waking up early to run during a beautiful sunrise sucks…
  19. There’s no enjoyment to be found in running during sunsets either.
  20. You don’t need a little extra time to yourself to think, zone out, or listen to podcasts.
  21. Beat your own 5K time doesn’t mean a thing…
  22. Neither does finishing your first half-marathon.
  23. Running consumes way too much time in a day…
  24. There is no way you can fit a quick run into your day.
  25. It is an expensive sport.
  26. And it is in no way, shape, or form fun.
  27. Just take our advice, don’t run.

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  1. I ran for 17 years (started at 21 yrs old, ended at 38)…approximately 20-30 miles per week over that span. I now have two fake hips. I loved running and miss it dearly but let’s not pretend that there are not repercussions that come from all of that punishment to many different, critical joints.

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