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You Know You Are A Hockey Dad When…

You Know You Are A Hockey Dad When…

Being a dad is great. Being a hockey dad is a full-time job. A stressful, infuriating job you love. You would have to, especially when a puck goes through your garage door or wall. It’s moments like these that confuse you because you are not sure if you should be proud of the velocity on his shot, or angry about the damages. We’ll just say a little of one and a lot of the other – depending on what kind of dad you are.

Seriously, as a hockey dad everything in your life is dependent on little Crosby’s season. It doesn’t matter that you spend more time at practices and tournaments than you do in your office. You have a potential Gretzky in the making – atleast in your mind you do, which is why you may have been a little too aggressive with the refs at the last tournament.

He was offsides, you have to let it go.

Your “Gretzky” could be amazing if only he had the right stick, which is why you have no problem spending  $200 on a hockey stick. The other one didn’t have any goals left in it anyway. Makes sense.

Hockey dad, your commitment should be applauded it. The amount of knowledge you possess about the game is incredible. Knowing what hockey rink has the best food or knowing that leaning will psychically help the puck go in. Like I said, we applaud you.

My friend, after all this, if you are not sure if you are indeed a hockey dad, well here are 10 signs that let you know you might just be a hockey dad.

You know you are a hockey dad when…..

1. You refuse to make any plans with your friends until you check your kids’ hockey schedules.

2. You refer to the age of your children by the year they were born.

3. You have been kicked out of the hockey rink for rowdy behavior.

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4. You know the location of every Dunkin’ Donuts within a 2 mile radius of the hockey rinks.

5. Your alarm clock goes off earlier on the weekends than on the weekdays.

hockey dad alaram clock on the weekends

6. You keep a winter coat or blankets in the car twelve months of the year.

7. You keep your kid home from school with a sniffle just so he won’t miss his hockey game.

8. You spend more on hockey tournaments than on your vacation.

9. You choose your vehicle based on the number of hockey bags it can fit.

10. Your kids have asked if Christmas is “Home or Away” this season.


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Well there you have it, dads. If you fit any of the above criteria, you my friend, are a hockey dad. Be proud. Now, we just have to work on getting you allowed back in the rink. I know it wasn’t your fault. Being 6 years old is no excuse to not be focused.

We are trying to win, baby!


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Dads should be appreciated. If you are looking for a gift for a hockey dad, visit our dad section, here.

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